Bring your visitors back and get more sales Turn the browser tab into attention-grabbing invitations back to your site
How it works
Bring distracted shoppers back like magic to complete their purchase

RetentionTab adds a unique and powerful boost to your abandoned cart strategy.

When a visitor opens a new tab and leaves your site, RetentionTab automatically detects this activity and changes the < title > tag text to your scrolling or blinking message to come back.

Come back and save 10% !!!
72% of purchases are made from a Desktop browser
As of 2015, 72% of all online purchases in the U.S. are still being made on a Desktop browser. With other sites just a browser tab away, RetentionTab gives you a creative and effective tool to bring straying visitors back to complete their purchase.
Tab text
Detect when visitors leave and change tab text to anything you like. Experiment and see what brings visitors back!
Text behavior
Scroll or Blink your tab text and set the speed that will be applied to tab behavior.
Return URL redirect
Redirect returning visitors to any URL (such as a special offer page to complete their purchase).
Set a delay timer before initializing the tab change (e.g. wait 60 seconds before changing the tab text).
Real-time Analytics
View real-time campaign impression and return metrics to see what’s working and what is not.
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Email Reports
Get a weekly performance report for all your campaigns delivered to your inbox.
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RetentionTab increased our conversion rate by 22% within the first month of installing it. It's an essential part of our abandoned cart strategy now.
Kirby Fike
Install in Seconds
Choose campaign settings
Copy and paste one line of code to your site
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How much would you make from a +5% lift in sales?
Our goal is for RetentionTab to pay for itself at least ten times over. If your monthly sales volume is $50,000 and we can bring back just 5% of your visitors for a completed sale, that’s $2,500 of additional revenue--more than a 100x ROI on our standard plan!
Frequently asked questions
Does it work in all browsers?
Retentiontab works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox (81% of all traffic as of 2015).
Will it work with my CMS?
As long as you can add your own < script > tags, it should work just fine!
Will you help me if I have a problem?
Absolutely. Just shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.